Bandirma Public Park

The New Park of Bandirma is the transformation catalyst of the site, the geometry of its pathways, its squares and bridges prevails.  The park becomes the dominant element that dictates urban rules, it guides the flows and orient activities, the park users will strongly perceive the dimensional geometries of the park spaces. The park has two main entrances, at the east and at the west. The Eastern entrance is intended to absorb the flows from the city center and from the airport, and the western entrance absorbs the flows arriving from the Balikesir – Ered Highway, and opens up to the new city developments.

View from Lavizan Park



Bandirma, Turkey


Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality


2016 - 2017


2xmstudio srls
Moataz Faissal Farid (Partner), Saloumeh Behboud (Partner)

Site Area

26 ha


Concept: Masterplan, Urban Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Design


Park, Cultural, Retail, Hotel, Educational




The city of Bandirma has always been considered a transit hub, a strategic geographical location that massively contributed to the economic and demographic growth of the whole region, the port and all the trading activities that takes place defines what Bandirma is today. Today’s industrial cities are considered a rich subject of urban studies, for the past decades there has been a growing interest on the urban transformation of major industrial European cities. Rotterdam & Hamburg have undergone a transformation process that enriched the overall urban quality by implementing a series of major landmark projects.

The location of the future Bandirma Park is considered today peripheric, in the near future, and thanks to the residential expansion nearby, the area will become central. The municipality’s plan can guide a smart shifting of flow into the park and its facilities, the urban and environmental quality of the zone will significantly increase, and the public life of the city will find a new destination.


The park suggests a series of large scale spaces that hosts activities and experiences dedicated to the themes of design, space and the perception of the built environments and its parameters. The boundary of the spaces itself is a new spatial experience; 5 vast rings with diameters ranging between 90 to 150 meters introduce a new concept of inhabiting a space for the park visitors.


All the layouts of the buildings has been inspired by old Turkish architecture masterpieces; The caravanserai of Rüstem Pasha becomes an inspiration for the 4 star hotel, Ibrahim Pasha Sarayi defines the general lines of the new 5 star hotel and convention center, the plan of Medrese of Selim I is the same plan of the new Design institute, and the buildings of the new retail area resemble the volumetric compositions of Atik Valide complex.