Marissa Green Patios

A residential complex with all its qualities and potentials and at the same time providing and maintaining the privacy of each unit which gives the residents a sense of having independent apartments. 25 patios for each residential unit as a unique identity of the project. A unique urban landmark and prototype for a new habitat ecosystem.  The courtyard is a green oasis that stimulates social interaction by providing tree-shaded open spaces. Tree canopy and tree corridors are used as natural shading elements. A best practice of air cleaning, carbon storage, pollution-reducing made by trees. A residential complex based on low energy consumption, which pushes innovative systems for renewable energy production and distribution. Water systems, solar-related energy sources, and waste management work together as tools to make the complex autonomous and resilient.

View from Lavizan Park


Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Al Salimi Company Ltd.
Trading, Investement & Real Estate Development




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2xm Studio S.R.L.S

Moataz Faissal Farid (Partner), Saloumeh Behboud (Partner)


Engineering: F&M Ingegneria

Site Area

4,569 m²

Project Area

5,220 m²



Masterplan, Urban Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Design








A milestone for a progressive and new model of sustainable habitat. A habitat based on the sense of community and social interaction. A residential complex made out of distribution and planning flexibility made of connections and co-existence in an open-planned environment. A habitat that invests in morals, happiness, communications, transforming it into a resource for a new type of cohabitation and active life.


A central monumental garden creates an attractive open space providing an inspirational and special place for residents. It offers the inhabitants useful facilities in the immediate vicinity. The multi-purpose courtyard turns into a recreational space fostering a healthy environment and strengthens social interaction for all the age groups. For children and teenagers, access to playground and sports facilities in the immediate vicinity of their residential unit is a precious asset. Patios as private courtyards are linked to local traditions. Vegetation in these spaces is used to create hidden relaxing spaces to respect the privacy of the inhabitants. A unique residential complex that offers a high quality of life for the inhabitants. Each unit has a private patio. The design of the units expresses a modern and flexible interior space. They are luxury and contemporary units that introduce a new identity for the neighborhood.




2xm Studio

Moataz Faissal Farid

Saloumeh Behboud

Maryam Dilmeghani

Emiliano Berni

Tina Fazeli

Golnaz Khosravani

Peyman Nazary

Haniye Razavivand

Amirali Ghajar Davallou

Yasser Ezzat

F&M Ingegneria

Alessandro Bonaventura

Rade Batinica

Tommaso Tassi

Mauro Baessato

Dino Casagrande