Olympic Stadium & Sports Academy, Egypt

The International Olympic  Academy is an elite sports educational institute which aims to identify promising student- athlete and develop them into Olympic champions. Using renowned coaches and highly skilled exercise physiologists, The Academy pro­vides training in soccer, athletics, swimming, tennis, squash, basketball, handball and volleyball. The academy's curriculum is based on traditional and modern subject areas, including media studies designed to prepare students to thrive as elite athletes.


Cairo - Ain Sokhna Highway, Egypt


Ain Shams University



Site Area

105,000 m2




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Moataz Faissal Farid


Concept: Masterplan, Urban Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Design


Stadium, Indoor Arena, Training Facilities, Educational, Sport, Research Center, Park, Residence Cultural, Retail, Restaurant


The Main Goal: "Providing the physical sport training and educational learning for elite and talented students in a highly advanced educational environment in order to raise skillful individuals trained scientifically, practically and ethically in various sports fields which in turn fulfills the needs of the society and attain its ambitions in local and international sports competitions". This Goal can be achieved through:

-    Taking care and paying full attention to highly skilful! and talented individuals to help them reach the supremacy in their field.
-    Providing the best academical and trainning programms for the students of the academy.
-    Prepare the students ethically and academically in parallel with their sports excellence.
-    Provide the social and health care for the students.
-    Help building a society that adhere to sport achievments and local and international competitions.
-    Maintaing bonds and communications with other academies, colleges and local and internation institutions that practice the same activity.

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Academy Reception and Administration buildings.
Academy Building (Classrooms and lecture halls).
Medical Research Center.
Camp house and Hotel for Guests.
Training Fields.
Professors and Staff Housing.
Students Dormitories.
Students Leisure Center.
Olympic Aquatic Center.
Tennis Stadium.
Squash Center.
Indoor Arena.
Olympic Stadium.

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​The Academy will feature a campus consisting of academy buildings and facilities, dormitories, playing and training fields, a large indoor arena and a 80,000 spectators new stadium.

The financial resources of the academy will be provided by the financial loans allocated from the country's budget, in addition to the profits the academy will attain The International Olympic Academy, Egypt from practicing its activities and also the contributions and donations from local and international institutions.

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The Project is divided into 2 parts:

- Investor Part: The Investment is a BOT, the investor will build this part, operate it for a period of 30 years and after it will be a property of the Government. It includes the Academy Complex, The training fields and some other facilities buildings.

- Government Owned Part: It includes the Olympic Stadium, the indoor arena hall, the aquatic center and the tennis stadium, in addition to the parking areas, roads and landscape.

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Medical Center & Academy Building


Olympic Stadium

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